Disney Plus goof that will make you die a little inside gives ‘Star Wars’ greatest couple an incestuous twist

Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa
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Plenty of great romances exist throughout cinema and in the Disney Plus movie collection. The thing is that Disney doesn’t seem to know what it has as it makes a Star Wars faux pas along the storyline.

Surprisingly, Cosmopolitan ranks the best romance movies on Disney Plus beginning with the 2014 film The Fault in Our Stars with Shailene Woodley playing Hazel and Ansel Elgort playing Augustus as the romantic duo. The list goes on to include Phillip and Anne in The Greatest Showman of 2017, Zach and Sammy in Clouds of 2020, Veronica and Will in The Last Song of 2010, and Lucy and Jack in While You Were Sleeping of 1995.

Interestingly, Cosmopolitan also includes Kat and Patrick in 10 Things I Hate About You, as well as Giselle and Robert in Enchanted.

Why is that interesting? Disney Plus lists those couples too in their latest promo — along with two other couples they think will “forever ship!” Look really close and try not to puke.

For those who may not see an issue here, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker meet in Star Wars, share a passionate kiss in The Empire Strikes Back, and learn they are siblings in Return of the Jedi. Ew!

Even though the poster says Han Solo and Princess Leia, the image doesn’t and speaks volumes about how well Disney Plus knows the movies they have.

It’s okay if it took a minute. The film came out in 1983, and until that little morsel of information came out about those two, fans actually were wondering when they were going to get together.

Here is someone who realizes the names and the faces don’t match. But who cares? Everyone else is just passing by that point to talk about Luke and Princess Leia.

Say this again! This is the point right here and it can’t be said any louder.

Of course, it could have been done on purpose by a marketing team who knows a little trick about getting promotions to go viral.

If it was Princess Leia, shouldn’t it be Prince Luke? Wouldn’t she have eventually become queen? All this and more on the next episode of Incest and the Alderaanians.

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