Watch: Star Wars Day 2020 Video Relives The Franchise’s Best Moments

Star Wars

Happy Star Wars Day to all you denizens of a galaxy far, far away.

Today is May 4th, the most important day in a Star Wars fan’s calendar – other than the release date of a new movie, that is.  Most years, there would be public gatherings to celebrate love of the franchise, but this year’s holiday comes amidst unusually testing times. Lockdown may have limited the partying to Zoom meetings and home-marathons, but there’s still plenty to get your teeth into. In fact, to mark the day, Disney have released a broad trailer for the entire franchise which you can check out up above.

To ensure Star Wars Day 2020 is as packed as possible, the Mouse House have also brought us two big fan pleasers. A week ago, the company announced they’d be releasing The Rise of Skywalker on Disney+ to coincide with the event, ensuring the complete Skywalker Saga is now available to stream on the platform. Perhaps more exciting, though, is the release of the final ever episode of The Clone Wars (also on D+), bringing to an end more than a decade of TV.

I doubt anyone expected the series to become the phenomenon it has when it made its inauspicious debut as a dismal theatrical animation, a glorified made-for-TV kids flick that should never have made it to cinemas. But I’m regularly informed that the TV show has leapt far beyond those origins and came to a fitting conclusion earlier today.

Got any plans of your own for Star Wars Day? It’s a great shame that events we always look forward to have been so badly disrupted by the pandemic (as any pandemic would), but hopefully the content that Disney’s put up ameliorates any lingering disappointment. Till 2021, may the fourth be with you.