Disney Releases New TRON: Legacy Clip

Walt Disney Pictures has released a new clip called ‘The Page’ from the upcoming film TRON: Legacy. There have now been four clips released for the film.

The first clip showed Quorra (Olivia Wilde) saving Sam (Garrett Hedlund) from near death, and racing away on a four-wheel Light Runner. The second clip showed the reunion of Sam and his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges), after Kevin has been trapped in the TRON world for a good portion of his life. The third clip shows Sam being dressed by ‘Sirens’ in preparation for a light disc game.

The fourth, and newest clip, which is embedded below, is a one minute clip of the scene featuring Bruce Boxleitner, reprising his role as Alan Bradley, who pays Sam Flynn a visit to tell him about a page which was mysteriously phoned from his father’s office.

What do you think, folks?  Is TRON: Legacy shaping up to be a hit, or miss?