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Disney Reportedly Weighing Up Netflix Acquisition

TechCrunch is reporting that the Mouse House has opened negotiations to acquire online streaming giant Netflix, though nothing is set in stone as yet.


Could Netflix become Disney’s next big purchase?

A new report from TechCrunch claims that the Mouse House has set sights on the online streaming giant, with the intention of adding Netflix to its roster following the meteoric success of both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm. Negotiations are in the very, very early stages, but word is that a deal is beginning to coalesce, which could well make Disney one of the biggest corporate entities in entertainment, if it wasn’t already.

Business is booming on Netflix’s end, too. The online streamer has blown past all Wall Street expectations, mapping out plans for $6 billion worth of original content in 2017 in the process. But questions have been raised as to whether the company can sustain its business model in the years to come, particularly as the medium becomes ever more crowded thanks to the advent of Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu and various other streaming outlets. HBO Now and PlayStation Vue have also been relatively popular choices for those looking to cut the cord, which only lumps more pressure on Netflix’s subscription-based model.


On the back end, TechCrunch’s report goes on to reveal that current CEO Bob Iger is set to retire in 2018, and that a possible candidate to replace him at the helm is Netflix’s own CEO, Reed Hastings. Iger was first appointed as Disney’s head honcho more than a decade ago and at least up until now, that search for a replacement has come up short. Is Hastings – and, by effect, Netflix – the answer? Time will tell.

It’s difficult to gauge how much of an impact Disney’s potential acquisition of Netflix will have on future content, but at least based on the purchase of both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, fans needn’t have too much to worry about.

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