Disney settles copyright lawsuit with ‘Predator’ writers


Even though this year’s upcoming Hulu exclusive Prey marks the fourth consecutive fresh start since the classic 1987 original, the Predator franchise remains a popular brand with plenty of fans.

That’s one of the main reasons why the series can’t seem to be left alone for too long, even though it hasn’t quite managed to recapture the initial magic of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and his hulking cohorts being hunted for sport by an intergalactic adversary.

Dan Trachtenberg’s latest stab at the property is delving back into the past in order to put a fresh coat of paint on the proceedings, but the good news is that a copyright lawsuit is no longer hanging over Predator‘s head, in the event Prey proves popular enough to launch a multi-film saga of its own.

Writers Jim and John Thomas filed a notice of termination lawsuit against Disney for their script to McTiernan’s opener, more so they could get the rights back to their work and potentially get a financial cut of any future projects, rather than torpedo the entire Predator universe.

The legal action has been so long in the making that it was initially filed against 20th Century Fox prior to the takeover, but Reuters reports the case has been dismissed entirely after “an amicable solution” was reached, which probably means a fat stack of cash.