First Set Pic Proves That Unbreakable Sequel Glass Is Now In Production


UnbreakableSplit, and now Glass, the third and seemingly conclusive chapter in M. Night Shyamalan’s saga of rogue heroes and an unhinged protagonist nursing a rare case of dissociative identity disorder.

It makes for a fairly unique franchise, that’s for sure, and the director is currently hard at work putting together the third part of a trilogy that’s nearly two decades in the making. Expected to launch into theaters in two years’ time, we can now confirm that production is officially underway on the pic, as Shyamalan took to Twitter earlier today to post the below update, teasing fans that things have finally kicked off in earnest.

Said to be a very different kind of superhero movie, one that will tee up an epic showdown between Bruce Willis and James McAvoy, Shyamalan’s wildly ambitious creative venture is set to tie together the story strands of Split and Unbreakable, which first launched all the way back in 2000. Furthermore, it will also attempt to rustle up a suitably dark conclusion to this most unorthodox of film franchises.

It’s not only the fans who are intrigued by what the director’s cooking up, either, as Shyamalan’s story has wowed studio executives, too, given that Universal has allotted a “more traditional” budget for Glass‘ ongoing production. That extra pool of resources will no doubt lend the director more leeway in the VFX department, and we’re fascinated to see what the final product looks like when all is said and done.

Glass has officially been slated for release on January 18th, 2019 and along with McAvoy and Willis, it also stars Sarah Paulson and Anya Taylor-Joy.