Disney Plus Users Aren’t Happy About Having To Pay $30 To Watch Mulan


Disney made a major announcement yesterday – Mulan won’t be exclusively hitting theaters, as we’ve always expected, but will have a limited run in cinemas next month as well as being available on Disney Plus. Here’s the catch, though: it’ll cost users $29.99 to watch it, and that’s on top of the regular monthly subscription fee.

This is a massive deal, as it’s the first time the studio has released a blockbuster movie this way. And judging by the reaction on social media, countless people are not happy about it. Sure, they’d be up for watching Mulan on D+, but few are thrilled about the idea of spending $30 to view it when they’d usually pay a fraction of that to catch it on the big screen.

Here are just a few of the tweets going around from disgruntled Disney lovers…

The best D+ content’s already on there for free, so why would you pay for Mulan?

Oh wait, they’re serious? Let’s laugh even harder.

A LOT of people don’t see the point in paying for a version of Mulan without Eddie Murphy’s wise-cracking dragon Mushu in it.

The awesome songs are also important to many fans of the 1998 animated original, so the lack of them in the remake isn’t exactly a big plus.

Even those who don’t have a problem with the creative choices behind the remake aren’t willing to spend so much to see it.

Maybe folks would pay that much for Black Widow, but not Mulan. 

Sounds like a plan!

To be fair to the steep price Disney have slapped on the title, you don’t just get a rental of the movie, as it’ll be permanently available for you to stream on D+ from then on. It’s not like you truly own it, though, as the film won’t be accessible if you cancel your subscription. That said, for families or groups, the price is a steal as they might’ve been paying way more than that to go see it at a cinema.

Mulan hits Disney Plus on September 4th.