New Trailer For Disney’s Planes

Simply put, this new trailer for the latest Disney/Pixar film Planes is horrible. How can a studio go from giving us classics like Toy Story and Up to this piece of shit? The film must be pretty bad considering that Pixar didn’t even put their name on it. Usually the title of the film will feature both Disney and Pixar above it, but in this case it only reads Disney.

Reportedly, Pixar didn’t have much involvement in the making of this, it was mostly Disney, which explains why it looks so crummy. Either way, I’m glad to see that Pixar isn’t proud of Planes, which takes place in the world of their Cars series.

The only good thing we can get from this bit of news is that the film is skipping theaters and going straight to home video, which is great news for parents that have to drag their kids to these films; at least they can turn this one on in the other room for the kids without having to directly stare into the screen. I don’t think I could even last through 35 minutes of this garbage.

Planes will be flying its way onto shelves in spring of 2013. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.