Disney’s Mulan Remake Set To Undergo Extensive Reshoots


Can anyone even remember the last time we got an original live action film from the House of Mouse? Sure, you can point to the likes of Christopher Robin or The Nutcracker and the Four Realms out of kindness, but other than that, we really haven’t seen very much.

That’s mostly because the studio’s had their hands full taking our childhood favorites and turning them into live action remakes in the hopes of indulging in some ol’ nostalgia-based cash grabbing. Aside from perhaps Dumbo, none of them have been particularly unenjoyable, but most of them do feel unnecessary and haven’t been able to live up to the originals.

That being said, the upcoming Mulan actually looks pretty promising, and though it’s found itself in some hot water as of late, a lot of folks are still looking forward to it. But now we’re hearing that there may be some trouble brewing behind the scenes as the remake is set to undergo extensive reshoots.

At least, that’s according to The DisInsider, who say that the project is due for four months of reshoots to help fix up some “significant battle sequences.” Beyond that, it’s unclear what may be addressed in this additional bout of filming, but heavy reshoots like this are certainly a cause for concern.

Does this mean that Mulan is doomed and we should write it off? Absolutely not, but clearly the Mouse House isn’t totally happy with everything that director Niki Caro has delivered and feels that the film still needs some additional work. And though the trailer released a few months back certainly looked impressive, we’re just hopeful that what we see when we sit down in theaters next year can live up to the high expectations set by the beloved original.