Disney Rumored To Be Making New Spider-Man Deal For 7 Movies


Marvel fans have been in mourning this week for the apparent end of Spider-Man in the MCU, but it’s not over yet. Sony’s official statement on the matter makes it clear that the studio hopes to reopen discussions with Disney to sort out the disagreement which caused the split, with further reports also showing that Disney is more amenable to negotiations than it first appeared. One rumor is even saying that the two studios are already knee-deep in working out a fresh deal.

This intel comes our way via TVO of the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel who says his Marvel sources have given him the scoop on where Disney and Sony are at. According to him, this new deal wouldn’t just reinstate Spidey into the MCU, but it would lay the way for Tom Holland to return for at least six movies, with an option for a seventh.

Three of these will make up a second trilogy for Holland’s Peter Parker, which would follow his college life after his high school graduation. There are even plans for Peter to team up with the Human Torch and Fireststar in these films, too, as per the classic animated series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Two more, movies, meanwhile, will be Avengers 5 and 6, which will allegedly come before the second trilogy and show Peter meeting Johnny Storm for the first time.

The deal is said to also allow Sony to move forward with the live-action TV shows based on the Spider-verse they’ve been developing. As it currently stands, Disney holds the rights for Spidey on TV. Additionally, Venom could also be folded into the MCU as part of the agreement, which would certainly be interesting.

In any case, TVO’s info says Disney hopes to have this settled in time for tomorrow’s D23 panel, so we should find out soon enough if there’s any truth to it. As always, stay tuned to WGTC as we’ll be bringing you all the latest on the Spider-Man saga.

Source: YouTube