Dive Into Atlantis With Over 40 New Aquaman Photos


After making a quick cameo in Batman V Superman and showing up as one part of the ensemble in Justice League, Arthur Curry is finally about to take the spotlight in James Wan’s upcoming Aquaman, and if the early critic reactions and box office projections are anything to go by, then the pic will surely get the hero’s cinematic solo career off to a strong start.

After all, this will be our first proper introduction to Arthur, as well as the underwater world he inhabits, and based on Wan’s interviews, the director seems very proud of what he’s created for the character’s first big screen standalone outing. In fact, he even told us earlier this year that he convinced Zack Snyder not to introduce Atlantis in Justice League so he’d have more of a clean slate to work with.

And now, with Aquaman quickly approaching, Warner Bros. has debuted over 40 new photos which bring us right into this world, allowing us to marvel at the setting that Wan’s crafted for us to explore. Granted, some of these shots have surfaced in various magazines and what not with watermarks or in low-res formats in the past, but there’s tons here to dive into and you can get started via the gallery below.

Pretty impressive, eh? And like we said above, all the signs are pointing to the film being a big hit for the DCEU and a much needed win for Warner Bros.’ burgeoning cinematic universe. With any luck, the numbers will be good enough for Wan and Momoa to bring us that sequel they’ve been talking up, too, as we know they already have some ideas in mind.

With the DCEU currently going through a period of transition, it’s clear that various parts from the franchise’s past will soon be done away with to make room for new ideas, and we’ll likely find out if there’s still a place for Arthur in this fictional universe’s future after Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21st.