D.J. Caruso Will Direct Preacher


The adaptation of the graphic novel Preacher has gone through many incarnations to be subsequently forgotten. HBO had a version around 2008 which was then passed onto feature film territory to Sam Mendes. Mendes, obviously wanting to break free of his melodrama niche that he had been cornered into, then hired writer John August and the ball was rolling again to bring the comic to the screen. Due to various complications Mendes left and then joined Bond 23. So for around a year and a half everything went dead.

Now director D.J. Caruso, whose recently released I Am Number Four is opening to mixed reviews, is signed on for the job and admitted as much via his Twitter feed. Never read the comic book so have no expectations of this other than to judge D.J. Caruso’s back catalogue. I hated Disturbia, a lousy knock off of a classic that didn’t deserve that treatment and Eagle Eye was if anything more headache inducing. Caruso is the guy who is brought in at the 11th hour by the studio when things need to get moving, he’s no visionary. But who knows how this one will pan out for him could be great.

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