Django Unchained Currently Runs At Three Hours, First Screening Held

Even though Quentin Tarantino is still rushing to meet the December 25 release date for his revisionist Western Django Unchained as supporting cast members continue to drift in and out, the first screening has nevertheless been held and the early word is that it’s great and it’s long.

From a lucky individual that was present at the Tarantino-hosted peek at Sony Studios, the bloke – a Mr. Nicholas Anthony – had this to say courtesy of a tweet:

The films of Mr. Tarantino are notoriously lengthy to begin with, ranging from the 1 hour and 39 minutes of Reservoir Dogs to Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and Inglorious Basterds which all clock in around 2 hours and 30 minutes. With scenes still to be shot and editing still to be competed, the final theatrical cut will no doubt be more in line with the latter films in his canon (titillating a thought as it is to behold a three hour-long Django Unchained).

In line with everything we know about Quentin Tarantino, he no doubt opted to shoot every scene of his 168-page script, meaning at this stage a rough cut would likewise be quite lengthy and feature any and all material already filmed.

We certainly know there are any number of polished segments ready to go courtesy of the slew of trailers we’re recently been treated to and it’s exciting to know Tarantino will have extra footage to choose from to give us the best possible cut.

Django Unchained rides into theaters December 25th. Let us know in the comments if you would be excited for a three-hour long Tarantino epic.

(Source: The Film Stage)

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