Doc Brown Fires Up The Flux Capacitor In Trailer For New Back To The Future Short


October 21, 2015 flashed on the DeLorean’s time circuits, blasting Marty and Doc into the future to dally with the space-time continuum. That classic scene from the Back To The Future sequel becomes a reality in less than a month, and to coincide with that specific date, a dazzling 30th anniversary Blu-ray box set is due to arrive. An extensive package that includes all three feature movies and a slew of extras, it’s an unseen piece of content, however, that’s lighting up the web.

A short movie entitled Doc Brown Saves The World comes included in the boxset, and a cheeky teaser trailer has been released online to stoke curiosity. Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as the titular doc who travels once again to 2015 to inform the world that we’re actually living in a different 2015 than the one he and Marty explored. Confused? Don’t be. It’s all a part of the alternate timeline hijinks that the series utilized so brilliantly in those earlier movies. And to be honest, getting the chance to see Lloyd back in the white coat with his signature scatty hairdo is in itself enough of a treat.

The Back To The Future anniversary box set goes on sale October 20. In addition to the aforementioned movies, it also comes with the entire Back To The Future animated series and more shorts. The question remains: will they have Michael J. Fox back for one as Marty?

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