Doctor Doom Rumored To Be One Of Black Panther 2’s Villains

Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Character Poster

Now that Marvel Studios has the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four mythologies back from Fox, it’s assumed it’ll be a priority for them to get Doctor Doom into the MCU ASAP. As one of the biggest supervillains in the Marvel universe, he could make a lot of noise in the franchise. But for the same reason, he could also make his first appearance in many different ways and a new rumor points to him featuring in a movie we hadn’t thought of before: Black Panther 2

Charles Murphy has reported that it’s possible Victor Von Doom could serve as the antagonist of the upcoming sequel for Chadwick Boseman’s King T’Challa. His info points to Doom looking to expand his empire by invading parts of Africa, which will ultimately put him at odds with Black Panther when he attempts to conquer Wakanda. Murphy stresses, however, that though this comes from a reliable source, he hasn’t been able to verify it via a second source yet so he’s counting it a rumor for now. We should also mention that while our own sources can’t confirm this either, they do note that if Doom does indeed show up, he wouldn’t be the only antagonist, as Namor is still expected to be one of the film’s villains.

What’s also interesting though is that Murphy notes that the main inspiration for BP2 will likely be Black Panther: Doomwar, the comic book event in which Doom tried to take over Wakanda in order to get at its supply of Vibranium, particularly for its mystical properties. Though the comics storyline features crossovers with the X-Men and Deadpool, Murphy speculates that Marvel would streamline it in order to keep the focus on T’Challa and his allies.

Still, it’s worth wondering whether the Fantastic Four would show up in the film, considering their deep connection to Doom. Black Panther also debuted in an FF comic on the page, so it would be neat to invert that for the MCU. Murphy makes a good point that Marvel will probably want to keep the plot from getting too crowded, but a supporting role or cameo could go a long way. Again, though, this is just a rumor at this stage and will remain as such until we learn a bit more about what Marvel has planned for Black Panther 2.