‘Doctor Strange 2’ fan thinks they’ve already sussed the film’s ending


A creative fan thinks they may have determined how Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will end.

The compelling theory from ElijahCookOfficial hit Reddit’s fan theory sub yesterday, and immediately caught the attention of users. It proposes a very specific reason behind the introduction of the multiverse and leans heavily on one of Marvel Comics’ most popular storylines for the meat of its theory.

That storyline is House of M. Anyone who’s delved deep enough into X-Men lore will be familiar with this universe-shattering storyline, as well as the consequences that stem from it. It is a longtime favorite among fans, but its complicated storyline has largely been seen as too bizarre to translate to the big screen.

If the theory is correct, however, we may be on the verge of experiencing an official MCU adaptation of the arc. While the MCU’s take on House of M would certainly deviate from the story fans know from comics, ElijahCookOfficial poses a tantalizing theory about how it might work in Multiverse of Madness. Check it out below

The only issue with the theory, as outlined by readers in the comments, is the question of what, exactly, Scarlet Witch would say to combine the universes. As noted above, the simple utterance of “no more mutants” essentially eliminated mutant abilities, but what phrase could harken the blending of two entirely separate universes?

Jokes about phrasing, emphasis, and commas quickly became the norm among commenters, as they debated whether “no, more mutants,” would be a sufficient change, or if “no! More mutants” is a better choice. The phrase itself would actually be quite important, as it would be the catalyst in one of the biggest changes ever seen in the MCU.

What, exactly, might be said to prompt such a massive shift has yet to be determined. Commenters, despite their best efforts, couldn’t come up with anything convincing, nor could the theory’s creator. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers when the film hits theaters on May 6.