‘Doctor Strange 2’ poster changed to avoid offending Italians

Image via Marvel Studios

A Reddit user posted the Italian version of the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness poster to the site to show how it had been changed from the original version. Placed next to one another viewers can see that the hand gesture used by Doctor Strange has been changed for Italian audiences as the original design means something a little less wholesome in Italy.

The hand gesture in question shows Stephen Strange’s hand, palm out, with both the pinky and index finger raised upwards with the other fingers down which in Italy is a symbol you would use to show that someone has been cuckolded. The poster was changed for the Italian version to avoid this connotation and any offence it may cause.

It is not uncommon to have different posters or even film names used in different countries to appeal to that specific audience or in the instance that something that may be considered innocuous in the States would be rude or offensive elsewhere. Some films even change entire scenes to better suit overseas audiences, such as the Pixar film Inside Out which changed a scene of the character refusing to eat broccoli to her refusing to eat bell peppers in the Japanese release. This was due to the fact that apparently, Japanese children have no qualms with broccoli but do not like bell peppers.

Film studios always have to be sensitive to global audiences if they want to earn money abroad, often changing marketing materials, film titles, and even scenes to appeal to that market and Doctor Strange 2 is obviously no exception.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness tickets are now on sale and the film will be released in theatres from May 6.