Doctor Strange Director Teases The Sequel’s Story On Twitter


With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ostensibly out of rotation – for now, at least – Doctor Strange 2 is the other major Marvel sequel currently teetering on the verge of development.

Case in point: its director, Scott Derrickson, has been busy teasing his Twitter followers about the Sorcerer Supreme’s next steps, and it’s led to some pretty wild MCU-themed speculation on social media. Which isn’t the first time (nor is it likely to be the last time) that we’ve used that phrase.

Nevertheless, this past weekend, Derrickson placed Doctor Strange fans on red alert when he tweeted a comic book tile that appears to have been pulled from the “What If?” saga of ’77 – specifically issue number #18, in which Strange is forced to choose between Dormammu and Eternity. Only one of those characters have been introduced to the wider MCU family, so there’s still work to be done if Derrickson plans to create a one-to-one adaptation of “What If?”

Or, failing that, the filmmaker is just keeping everyone on their toes…

Ultimately, Strange chooses wisely, and his actions greatly affect the outcome of “What If?”, otherwise he would’ve risked becoming a disciple of Dormammu. And frankly, nobody wants that, after the Master of the Mystic Arts spent so much time bargaining with the ancient demi-god during the first movie.

Like we mentioned before, Doctor Strange 2 is one of the few post-2019 Marvel movies that we actually know exists, and that’s despite the fact that we know next to nothing about the Sorcerer Supreme’s next steps – in Avengers 4 and beyond.

But Derrickson’s recent Twitter activity is further proof that the writer-director is beginning to mull over plans for his cosmic sequel, all he needs is a little more time

Source: Twitter