‘Doctor Strange 2’ writer compares Wanda to the Terminator

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Naturally, there will be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness spoilers right from the off.

Even though Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff dived headfirst into full-blown villainy as the real big bad of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, her nefarious actions did nothing to impact her popularity among the Marvel Cinematic Universe faithful.

In fact, social media has been awash with people trying to justify and exonerate the Scarlet Witch for her actions, which left a hefty trail of bodies in her wake. Olsen admitted that she was originally supposed to leave even more death and destruction behind in the quest to be reunited with her children, but the superhero sequel’s writer has just compared the vengeful mother to another unstoppable killing machine.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, scribe Michael Waldron offered a surprisingly apt reference when describing Wanda’s rampage, which already has us dreaming of a fanciful crossover for the ages.

“What she brought to the character is just so much humanity. You can’t help but root for her. She’s a Terminator that you’re cheering for. Something Lizzie and I talked about was that Wanda hadn’t quite reckoned with her anger over everything she dealt with and all the trauma she’d been through. The Darkhold seizes on that anger and dials it up to 11.

Then, you combine that with how she points out the hypocrisies of a guy like Stephen Strange, and all these people standing in her way and telling her what she can and can’t do. That might just make her even more angry. That’s what equates to bad news for everybody in her way.”

Scarlet Witch versus Arnold Schwarzenegger in a fight to the death? It’s something we’d love to see happen, but we’ve got the sneaking suspicion the time traveling cybernetic organism wouldn’t stand a chance.

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