Doctor Strange And Ant-Man Meet In Avengers: Infinity War Set Photos


As Marvel fans know, Avengers: Infinity War will unite just about every hero from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the battle against Thanos and his all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet. With so many good guys running about though, the film will need to break down the Avengers and their allies into smaller groups – many of which will likely involve pairings of characters who haven’t met before.

One such example is Doctor Stephen Strange, the would-be Sorcerer Supreme, and Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man, who will join forces in the movie. At least, that’s what’s suggested by these new set photos – courtesy of Just Jared. Benedict Cumberbatch was snapped in costume along with Paul Rudd, presumably in character as Scott. Cumberbatch is also seen with some kind of device in his hand that resembles a hammer. Any ideas, anyone?

Funnily enough, Avengers: Infinity War will be the third appearance for each hero in the MCU. Strange first appeared in last year’s Doctor Strange and will return in November’s Thor: Ragnarok before the big crossover event. Scott Lang, meanwhile, debuted in 2015’s Ant-Man and reappeared in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Rudd’s character will then star in the 2018 sequel Ant-Man and the Waspwith Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne sharing title duties this time around.

These photos follow on from shots taken last week featuring the characters in separate scenes. For instance, some saw Doctor being attacked by what will likely be a CGI monster, but in reality was just a guy in a full-body motion capture suit. The Ant-Man shots, meanwhile, featured Paul Rudd looking like he was running for his life. Maybe from the same creature that was attacking Strange?

Cumberbatch and Rudd are just a small part of a massive ensemble cast, one which also includes Marvel juggernauts like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and many, many more. Avengers: Infinity War lands in theatres on May 4th, and we might just see the first footage from the blockbuster later this month.