Avengers: Infinity War Fan Just Spotted A Sad Truth About Doctor Strange


When we first check in on Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War, he’s just about to step out to get some sandwiches for himself and fellow Master of the Mystic Arts Wong. Unfortunately, though, his lunch plans are curtailed when Bruce Banner crashes into Bleecker Street from the sky, bringing dire warnings of the enormous threat of Thanos that’s to come.

From there on in, it’s all non-stop action for the Sorcerer Supreme as he battles Ebony Maw on the streets of New York, ends up captured by the Black Order magician and finally faces down the Mad Titan with his allies on Thanos’ homeworld. Oh yeah, and then he turns to dust at the end of the movie. Strange’s character arc gets even sadder, though, when he realize that he never actually found time to get his lunch, as was joked about by one Reddit user.

Having had this pointed out to us, it’s going to be hard to watch Strange’s tense fight with Thanos on Titan again without thinking of how hungry he must be. No wonder he made the apparently stupid move of handing over the Time Stone to the villain – his mind was on his stomach.

As for Wong, we may have now cracked why he decides to stay behind in New York instead of coming along with Iron Man, Strange and Banner, even though he’d be a hugely helpful addition to the team. He says he needs to remain at the Sanctum Sanctorum to do his job and watch out for mystical threats, but we all know what he’s really planning. Wong clearly runs down to the local delicatessen to get himself the tuna melt he ordered from Strange.

Seriously, from now on we’re blaming Wong for how badly things end for our heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. He could have tagged along and provided just that bit of extra help against Thanos, like his brave bestie Stephen Strange, but instead he selfishly got some grub. Their dust is on your hands, Wong.