Doctor Strange Director Addresses Captain Marvel Easter Egg Theory


There’s a theory going around that Doctor Strange actually contains a nod to Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, which would mark the very first time the character has been alluded to in the MCU. The supposed easter egg in question occurs just before Strange falls victim to his life-altering car crash, when he’s being told about a couple of potential new patients.

The guy with the spinal chord injury is clearly supposed to be James “War Machine” Rhodes, but what about the 22-year-old woman with the chip in her head to manage her schizophrenia that was struck by lightning? Well, many believe that incident could be a part of our new Captain Marvel origin story.

Up until now this was merely an interesting bit of speculation with no evidence to back it up, but director Scott Derrickson seems to have confirmed that there might just be something to it during an interview with Empire Online:

“All I can is…maybe,” Derrickson teased. “That one, you’re going to have to wait and see…”

Usually when these things have absolutely no truth to them they’ll be debunked outright – so this does definitely seem to suggest that the fans are onto something. Derrickson also shared a few more details on Benedict Cumberbatch’s dual role as Dormammu in the film. We already knew he did the motion capture for the character, but it turns out that he actually provided the voice, too.

“The reason for that was threefold. One, Benedict suggested it. [Two], the awesomeness of his voice – he was Smaug, of course. [Three,] he understood exactly who Dormammu was. He’s the ultimate cosmic narcissist. There was something great about the mirrored relationship between the two of them.”

Tell us, have you been to see Doctor Strange yet? If so, be sure to check out the video below for even more fun easter eggs.