Doctor Strange Director Outlines An Intriguing Deleted Scene


Marvel’s latest sure-to-be blockbuster, Doctor Strange, isn’t set to hit US theaters for another few days, but we already have details on one of the deleted scenes that could well wind up on the Blu-ray/DVD release of the movie. During an interview with Collider, director Scott Derrickson reveals that there wasn’t really a whole lot of footage left on the cutting room floor, but does describe one excised moment that he really hopes fans will get to see one day.

In the Marvel Comics, Stephen Strange had a younger sister named Donna, who he was very protective of. When the future Sorcerer Supreme was 19, the pair went swimming and Donna suffered a cramp, tragically drowning before Strange could get to her. This motivated the young medical student to excel in his chosen field, and become a fully qualified doctor faster than anyone could have predicted.

This is a fairly important part of the character’s origin and in many ways shapes the type of man Strange becomes, but although Derrickson shot the scene (Donna was actually played by Ouija: Origin of Evil actress Lulu Wilson), he felt it didn’t really gel with the overall tone of the finished film – thus, it was cut.

Should the director have left it in? We certainly think so, but fans will get to decide for themselves if the movie could have used a scene like this when Doctor Strange is released on November 4th.