Doctor Strange director says film reshoots at Marvel ‘part of production plan’

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson wants to clear the air about a few things when it comes to working for movie giant Marvel Studios.

Derrickson took to Twitter recently to thank Blumhouse boss Jason Blum for giving the director “100%” creative control “on literally every creative decision” while making his upcoming Ethan Hawk-starring horror flick The Black Phone.

Evidently some on Twitter believed Derrickson’s remark to be a subtle way of throwing shade at Marvel. At that point, Derrickson quickly made a follow-up tweet to correct the record, saying he “wasn’t AT ALL” dissing the studio. He went on to clarify that doing reshoots while working on a Marvel film is just part of how the sausage is made, explaining that “All Marvel films require at least some reshoots/additional photography — it literally part of the production plan.”

Derrickson went on to say that his point about not requiring reshoots while making The Black Phone was more so meant as an example of Blumhouse’s unusual commitment to the vision of individual creators than is normally seen in the industry.

He went on to state that he has “a very good relationship” with Marvel and remains “incredibly grateful for the experience of making Doctor Strange.”

While Derrickson won’t be helming the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (set for release on May 6, 2022), which will instead be directed by fellow horror alum Sam Raimi, we’re just glad to hear he is still in good standing with Marvel, as the original film from 2016 was an absolute delight.