Doctor Strange Hits $325 Million At The Worldwide Box Office


There was never any doubt in our minds that Marvel would have a hit on their hands with Doctor Strange, and as expected, now that the numbers are in, we can say that they’re rather impressive. Picking up $85 million over the weekend at the North American box office, and another $118 million around the rest of the world, the film is now sitting pretty at a total of $325 million.

While those numbers might not be earth-shattering, on a budget of only $165 million, that’s certainly a solid start for the Sorcerer Supreme, not to mention that this is also a Fall release and features a character who not many were familiar with before the film’s marketing campaign really kicked into gear. Doctor Strange isn’t exactly an unknown, but he’s definitely not on the level of Marvel’s heavy hitters like Iron Man and Captain America.

As the fourteenth consecutive #1 for the studio in the US, and with a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, all signs point to us getting more of the titular hero. We’ve already heard that he’ll likely appear in both Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, but a proper sequel is probably in the cards now as well. After all, director Scott Derrickson has already shared some of his ideas for it.

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