Doctor Strange Director Explains Why Redemptive Deleted Scene Was Cut


Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has explained his thinking behind removing quite an important moment for Stephen Strange’s character from the theatrical cut of the Marvel movie. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme had one of the strongest arcs of any MCU hero so far, but this scene could have added yet another layer to his transformation from arrogant surgeon to heroic sorcerer.

It takes place during Strange’s journey to Tibet, and just before he finds the Ancient One and her students at Kamar-Taj. As you can see below, it shows him passing an injured dog before a pang of compassion hits him and the ex-doctor fixes up the animal’s leg with a splint.

It’s a very sweet scene that really brings out the more selfless side of Strange that we otherwise don’t get to see until later on in the movie. It’s for this reason though that Derrickson decided it had to go.

This is a great sequence and it’s certainly a shame we didn’t get to see it in the film. That said, Derrickson’s point about it augmenting the character’s otherwise very clear development is a valid one. As slightly emotionally manipulative as it is, it definitely would have got the audience on the side of the protagonist. After all, how could you not like someone who helps a limping dog?

Tell us, do you think the scene should have been kept in the final cut of Doctor Strange? Have your say in the comments section.

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