Doctor Strange Running Time Clocks In At Under Two Hours, Mid And End Credits Sequences Revealed


Doctor Strange is so close now it’s as though we can feel the breeze from the Sorcerer Supreme’s Cloak of Levitation. At the time of going to press, we’re three weeks out from the theatrical release of Scott Derrickson’s psychedelic picture and the Strange tidbits are arriving thick and fast.

Earlier this week, fans were treated to an appropriately trippy blacklight poster and international trailer, though we understand there are those of you who are remaining patient until the final feature bows on November 4. Don’t fret, we’ll keep any spoiler-sensitive material this side of the jump.

One welcome morsel of information is that Doctor Strange clocks in at under two hours in length – 114 minutes and 49 seconds, according to the BBFC – making it the second shortest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe behind only Thor: The Dark World. The news comes hand-in-hand with a report claiming to have unveiled both the mid and end-credits sequences. Yes, there are two.

Spoilers to follow….

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It’s not as if moviegoers needed an invitation to remain in their seats until the very, very end of a Marvel film, but according to Screen Crush, the first of Doctor Strange‘s two post-credits stings will involve the God of Thunder himself. Aiming to rid all mystical threats from planet Earth, Benedict Cumberbatch’s magician will call Thor to the Sanctum Santorum, where he requests that both he and Loki remain in Asgard for good.

The second and final nugget circles back to focus on the Doctor Strange arc, and will see Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) usurp the magic used by Benjamin Bratt’s characters before declaring, “there are too many sorcerers.” Cue talk of a sequel.

Doctor Strange will conjure up a superhero movie like no other on November 4 – just don’t expect Rachel McAdams to transform into Night Nurse by the time the credits roll. Perhaps that’ll be reserved for the inevitable sequel to go along with Baron Mordo’s descent into villainy? We’ll find out in due time.