Doctor Strange Wields His Mighty Ego In New TV Spot


As the November 4th release date for Doctor Strange fast approaches, we are getting more and more snippets of the film to whet our sizeable appetites. The latest draws attention to the ego of the Sorcerer Supreme, and its earth-bound limitations.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular neurosurgeon, Doctor Strange is written and directed by Scott Derrickson, with C. Robert Cargill and Jon Spaihts co-writing the script. It follows Stephen Strange as his life is destroyed by a devastating car accident, and he is drawn into the world of mysticism and alternative dimensions. Many rumours have swirled around what audiences can expect from the film, including brief appearances by fellow Marvel superheroes, such as Iron Man/Tony Stark.

What we know for certain, based on the promotional footage already released, is that Doctor Strange will be a true feast for the eyes, with realities folding in on each, and the nature of time and space being revealed to Doctor Strange as he battles to save the world. It is this aspect in particular that makes this latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe an unusual one – perhaps indicating something of a new direction for the legendary film series.