Doctor Strange Will Be The Adult In The Room In Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War will feature a host of new pairings of heroes that are bound to become fan favourites. One dynamic that Marvel lovers can’t wait to see is that between Doctor Strange and Iron Man, as played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. For Sherlock Holmes fans, in particular, their meeting will see two different Great Detectives coming face to face.

But how will Stephen Strange and Tony Stark interact in Infinity War? They’re both very different heroes, with the former deriving his powers from magic while the latter is a genius scientist, but they do have similar sarcastic, arguably arrogant personalities. That being said, someone will eventually have to step up and “be the adult in the room,” or else nothing will get done, right?

Turns out that someone is Doctor Strange, as Cumberbatch recently explained his role on the team as follows:

“I think the line that he was the adult in the room was something that we all sort of talked about early on,” the actor said. “He’s in the room with Iron Man and he’s trying to pull him together and focus him on this pretty sobering threat that’s imminent and yeah, it was apparent that if it was just name calling name calling name calling name calling if it was just that all of the time … one of them just had to go ‘I can really take your name calling you fifth grader idiot’ and go back to the job at hand and so that was really what my role was.”

Sounds like Tony and Stephen will have a pretty interesting dynamic, eh? And while there are rumors that Strange may turn bad for some of Infinity War, we imagine that once things come to a close, he’ll be standing alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in their fight against Thanos. After all, we already know that he’ll be developing a close bond with Spider-Man – which we can’t wait to see.

Beyond that, we’re not sure what else awaits Benedict Cumberbatch’s fan favorite, but we certainly don’t have long left before we find out, as Avengers: Infinity War will be with us on April 27th.

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