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Does ‘Black Adam’ have a post-credits scene?

Does the film follow the superhero movie trend?

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Image via Warner Bros.

After many years in development hell, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam is finally hitting cinemas with it promising to be one of the biggest DC movies of all time.

Filled to the brim with fan favorite comic book characters and exciting new additions to the DCEU’s lore, fans have been left speculating for months on if the film will have a post-credits sequence. Black Adam is set to be the first of many new films in the DCEU alongside The Flash, and judging by early reactions, is set to be a hit.

Does Black Adam have a post-credits scene?

A trademark trend in cinema since the Marvel Cinematic Universe rose to popularity is a post-credit sequence teasing the future of the franchise. Warner Bros. followed suit in their adaptations since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with each of their films including a sequence.

After the battle is won and the world is introduced to the character of Black Adam, audiences can look forward to a major post-credits sequence, which could turn the tide for the future of the DC Universe. Early screenings have reported at least one post-credits scene, which caused a cheer as big as the ones seen during Avengers: Endgame.

There hasn’t been much public discussion on if Black Adam will be seeing a sequel, although should it perform well it’s it’s likely to see one. Johnson is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and is a serial hit at the box office. Black Adam has been a passion project of Johnson’s since the 2010s and finally is coming out.

Black Adam will release in cinemas worldwide from Oct. 21.

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