Does Boba Fett have a son?

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Star Wars fans are getting their latest taste of the Boba Fett story thanks to the new Disney Plus series The Book of Boba Fett, currently airing on the service right now.

Ever since Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, fans thought that Boba Fett’s fate was all but set in stone; however, thanks to The Mandalorian, we know that the famed bounty hunter can’t be killed so easily.

Now that we know Boba Fett lived through the Sarlacc pit, there are further questions that have arisen to the character’s activities between appearances. The Book of Boba Fett endeavors to answer some of these, but many fans may be wondering certain things about him, like whether or not he has any children.

Does Boba Fett have a son?

book of boba fett

As it stands, Boba Fett does not have any children in the canonical Star Wars universe. This could potentially change in the future, but for now, he does not have a son.

Outside of the canonical Star Wars universe, Boba Fett has had a child. First introduced in the Legends comic series Star Wars Tales 7, Ailyn Vel was shown in a hologram. Ailyn is the child of Boba Fett and his wife, Sintas Vel.

Ailyn is a bounty hunter like her father and grandfather, but her main goal has been to hunt down her father to avenge her mother’s death. Eventually, she winds up keeping her identity hidden by assuming the role of Boba Fett herself.

Star Wars Legends isn’t canonical to the films or TV series since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, so it’s very unlikely that we’ll ever see Ailyn appear on the big screen. That said, anything’s possible in that galaxy far, far away, so we’ll never say never.

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