Does The New Spider-Man Have Web Shooters?

I’m not excited about the Spider-Man reboot even in the slightest. The costume pics that came around look cool, but I’m just not interested, maybe the trailer will change my mind. I am, however, intrigued to discover that they may be going the ‘shooter’ route in this movie. For all you younglings out there, Spider-Man didn’t have organic webbing, he built shooters which would eject a line of web fluid he made.

I liked the organic shooters because it was kind of hard to believe that a young kid could obtain access to the expensive equipment to make the shooters, but it also meant he would run out, which kind of seemed stupid. Yet, I was torn because it laid an interesting dilemma that he could run out. If he was fighting a super villain or simply swinging through the city and he ran out, that could mean his death. So are these web shooters on the new Spider-Man? What do you guys think?