Dolittle Fans Are In Shock Over The Movie’s Bizarre Ending


Tom Hooper’s Cats is still fresh in our minds, but already we’ve got another critically panned talking animal movie making waves for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, Stephen Gaghan’s Dolittle might star one of the biggest names in entertainment in the form of Robert Downey Jr., but it made just $22 million domestically this weekend. And with an estimated budget nearing $180 million, we don’t need to tell you how terrible that is.

Furthermore, its global total is only $57.3 million, and with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 18%, it looks like Dolittle is destined to sink without a trace at the box office. But it’s not only the film’s poor performance that has folks talking, as one of the scenes near its end has left fans in absolute shock.

Long story short, there’s a dragon that Dolittle ends up helping out. He’s sick due to bowel blockage and before we get to the reactions currently circulating on social media, we’ll let paint a picture for you of what goes down in the scene in question:

The issue making the dragon sick? Bowel blockage, which prompts Dolittle to put his hand up the dragon’s backside and start pulling out a bunch of things you probably wouldn’t expect to find in a dragon butt – including bagpipes. Eventually, the dragon passes gas and is cured. The dragon is so happy, he thanks Dolittle by letting him take a piece of the Eden tree’s fruit. The day and the queen is saved in the weirdest way possible.

Yep, you read all that right. And perhaps unsurprisingly, folks have flooded social media with all kinds of reactions to what they saw during Dolittle‘s final act.

Of course, this isn’t the only issue people have with the pic, as it’s also being trashed by critics. /Film has called it “an unwatchable circus,” while New York Magazine admits that “I wasn’t expecting Dolittle to be good, exactly, but I wasn’t expecting to be quite this bad.” And elsewhere, Richard Roeper summed it up with a simple “Please make it stop.”

So yeah, Dolittle is a massive flop on all counts. But hey, if you’ve always wondered what it would look like if Robert Downey Jr. were to perform a colonoscopy on a dragon, it might just be the movie for you.