New Dolittle Poster Reunites Robert Downey Jr. And Tom Holland


Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland could reunite on screen for anything and it would still be a punchy attention grabber for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (spelled out in its entirety for contractual reasons), as well for the more niche fandoms specifically devoted to Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., whose nicknames we can only guess at. Hollanders has a nice ring to it, though, right?

What exactly are this transatlantic power couple reuniting for, I hear many of you ask (stop shouting at me). Well, you may have heard there’s a new Dolittle movie on the horizon, with Mr Jr. following in the footsteps of Eddie Murphy as the iconic (in some circles) Doctor That Talks To Animals. And given that we know the identity of the Doctor, it wouldn’t be Dolittle without a cast of creatures that sound like actors you’ve heard before but can’t place where you heard them from.

I’m going to save you some of that pain by telling you Tom Holland is indeed one of those voices. And for all his self-castigation at the failure to grow even a scintilla of facial hair, I have to say he’s improved tremendously in this latest poster for the film:

Diehard fans of the partners in superhero crime(fighting) may feel slightly cheated after that. It’s not quite the in-the-flesh reunion you’d have dreamt of if you still had dreams about superheroes (some people never grow up. Or grow old, to frame it differently). But it is at least a reunion, and there’s only so much whole to go around your wholesome Hollywood content for the day.

Your favourite Marvel duo are back for Dolittle – and one of them is attempting a Welsh accent. What’s not to look forward to?