Dolph Lundgren On Jon Chu’s Wishlist For Masters Of The Universe

Jon M. Chu is attached to direct the Masters Of The Universe reboot for Sony and this week he has placed Dolph Lundgren in his casting crosshairs by stating that he wants the actor to play a cameo role in the film.

Speaking to, here’s what the director had to say:

“I don’t know if Dolph Lundgren is around or what he’s doing but, yeah, I think that could be some fun if we could find a way. I hope he still has the loin cloth and the long hair and everything.”

One would imagine Lundgren would readily take up the mantle for Chu, given that his CV hasn’t seen much mainstream action of late bar The Expendables. Hell, even if his appearance was a short cameo, attaching his name to the reboot would be a huge achievement for Sony.

Lundgren played the part of He-Man in the 1987 film and while the movie was critically slated, it hasn’t dampened Sony’s enthusiasm for the project considering they acquired the rights for Masters Of The Universe from Warner Bros. in 2009. Originally, John Woo was set to direct for the latter studio but the project sagged into development hell and nothing materialised for years.

And now, Chu has answered the call to Eternia. The director’s body of work includes the Justin Bieber biopic and the undisputedly marmite-esque Step Up 3D. Although, fans interested in Sony’s reinterpretation of Masters Of The Universe can look to this month’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation for an indication of how Chu handles big-budget action.

If he joins, Dolph Lundgren will be the first act of casting for Masters Of The Universe, which will be penned by Richard Wenk. Even though Sony have placed a tentative 2015 release date, don’t be too surprised if the film gets pushed back for some time yet.

What do you think? Should Lundgren continue the trend of rebooting an old hero from days gone by? Or should He-Man remain in Eternia for an…er…eternity?

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