Dom Walks Down A Dangerous Path In Latest Trailer For The Fate Of The Furious


The Fate of the Furious largely rests on the burly shoulders of Dominic Toretto in the latest, show-stopping trailer for Universal’s action sequel.

Not to be outdone by Optimus Prime’s decision to go rogue in Transformers: The Last Knight, F. Gary Gray’s imminent blockbuster will see Vin Diesel’s series stalwart turn his back on his nearest and dearest, seemingly under the influence of Charlize Theron’s alluring Cipher.

Such a change of heart is enough to send shockwaves throughout the Toretto crew, which is forced to join forces with old adversaries (read: Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw) in the face of a common enemy. Another character that’s been tossed into the mix for The Fate of the Furious is Helen Mirren, a self-confessed fan of Universal’s action flagship, who signed on to play Mama Shaw.

Indeed, her inclusion opens up an avenue for Luke Evans to reprise the role of Owen Shaw. Last seen in a coma following a suitably absurd dust-up with the Toretto gang in Fast and Furious 6, speculation is rife that Evans holds a small cameo role in the upcoming blockbuster. That said, a Shaw family reunion is but one small wrinkle in The Fate of the Furious, and you’ll be able to get your best look at the sequel yet via the sizzle reel above.

Clocking in at a bum-numbing 160 minutes, The Fate of the Furious is expected to screech into theaters on April 14th. Universal has drafted up tentative plans for another two entries into the petrolhead series as well, which would take the total number of films to a record-breaking ten. Is there enough mileage in the tank for Fast and Furious to reach double figures? We’ll get a better sense of the franchise’s future prospects next month.

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