Dominic Cooper Joining Need For Speed


The upcoming Need For Speed film, based on the popular videogame series, is coming together rather nicely. Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots are already set to star and now we have a third name to add to the cast, Dominic Cooper.

Set to be directed by Act of Valor‘s Scott Waugh, Variety reports that Cooper will play a “former NASCAR driver named Dino, who runs a business creating supercars, and does business with Poots’ character.”

As for Paul, he’ll play an ”underground racecar driver who owns a garage that modifies expensive cars to make them faster for racing. He’s framed and sent to prison when his best friend is murdered during a race” and “he seeks revenge upon his release.”

Scripted by George Gatins, the film will follow in the tradition of some of the more well known car-culture films that were popular in the ’70s.

Films based on videogames rarely turn out to be any good but the Need for Speed film is certainly assembling a respectable cast of young actors. Sure, the story sounds a bit silly but if Cooper, Poots and Paul can all bring their A-game, we may get a respectable videogame-based film.

And even if we don’t, you can still count on some good mindless fun with this one.

What do you think? Happy to see Dominic Cooper joining the film? Will the film turn out to be any good?

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