Dominic Cooper Joins Colin Farrell In Dead Man Down

Variety is reporting that Dominic Cooper may have found a project to replace Motor City, which he recently dropped out of. Apparently, the young actor is looking to join Colin Farrell in a new thriller titled Dead Man Down, which also stars Noomi Rapace.

The film will see director Niels Arden Oplev re-teaming with Rapace (who he directed in the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). Farrell will play an undercover cop who infiltrates a crime syndicate that had a hand in his family’s murder. Rapace will play a mysterious woman who knows a bit too much about Farrell’s character’s past and Cooper will play Farrell’s partner, though there’s no mention of whether his character will be undercover too.

While I was excited to see the up and coming actor star in Motor City, this sounds like an interesting project for him. I’m a big fan of Dominic Cooper. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him in the past and he’s a great guy. Based on my interview with him, as well as his recent credits (notably The Devil’s Double and My Week With Marilyn), I think Cooper is on his way to making it onto the Hollywood A-list. He’s definitely a star on the rise and once he gets a few more strong supporting roles under his belt, his career will really start to take off.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Dominic Cooper and are you excited to see him joining Dead Man Down?