Dominic Cooper And Samuel L. Jackson Have A Reasonable Doubt In Images From Upcoming Thriller


As a great lover of legal thrillers, I feel a significant measure of confidence in saying that my excitement for the upcoming film Reasonable Doubt is justified. Opening in January, the film boasts two stellar lead actors, Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as a seriously intriguing hook.

Four new images from Reasonable Doubt that were released today don’t add much to what we already know about the project, but they do introduce how all of the film’s main players will look.

Reasonable Doubt follows up-and-coming District Attorney Mitch Brockden (Cooper), who is involved in a fatal hit-and-run and flees the scene of the crime. When Brockden finds himself representing an accused criminal (Jackson) who was found with the body and is being tried for murder, the DA can’t fathom sending a man to prison in his place and instead throws the case. To his horror, Brockden soon realizes that he has helped to acquit a killer and he is pulled into a dangerous hunt for the criminal as he desperately tries to prevent the man from killing again.

Gloria Reuben also stars in the film, which distributor Lionsgate is sending to theaters and VOD simultaneously. This strategy has worked out pretty well for smaller thrillers (like The Last Days of Mars and Mr. Nobody) in the recent past, so I’m pretty optimistic about Reasonable Doubt‘s chances of finding an audience.

Flightplan scribe Peter Dowling penned the script, and newcomer Peter Howitt is sitting in the director’s chair.

What do you think of this first look at Reasonable Doubt? Will the thriller succeed in adding something new to its genre, or does it seem too generic for your liking? Sound off in the comments section!

Reasonable Doubt opens in theaters and VOD on January 17th, 2014.