First Look At Dominic Cooper As Stratton


The European action-thriller Stratton has only just commenced shooting, and yet it’s become something of a talking point due to its last-minute casting dilemma. One week prior to the commencement of principal photography, Henry Cavill – aka the Man of Steel – dropped out of the project, leaving GFM Films up that proverbial creek minus a paddle. Luckily, another superhero stalwart found a space in his schedule to take over the rugged leading man duties: Dominic Cooper.

Cooper seems an unlikely candidate for the role of action hero. Especially when compared to Cavill, whose buffed-out physique adheres to the Jason Bourne-style theatrics Stratton must endure. Described in the official synopsis as “a determined and dedicated SBS operative”, the film finds him working with MI6 “to prevent a revenge attack in London,” therefore making the beefcake build somewhat of a necessity.

To celebrate the start of production, the first image from the movie has arrived, and it ought to put any doubts to rest over Cooper’s ability to carry the film. His trained Secret Service agent looks smooth, suave and sophisticated decked out in the full garb, brandishing his weapon. Granted, his most high-profile roles to date have been supporting turns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with the lead in AMC’s Preacher adaptation and now Stratton — Cooper’s getting plenty of meatier turns under his belt.

The actor will be in good company for his high-stakes mission, with Gemma Chan, Austin Stowell, Tyler Hoechlin, Tom Felton, Thomas Kretschmann, Derek Jacobi, Connie Nielsen and Jake Fairbrother all lending a supporting hand. Simon West directs.


Source: JoBlo

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