Howard Stark Actor Says He’s Down Play The MCU’s New Iron Man

Iron Man

Dominic Cooper is arguably best known for his role in AMC’s Preacher, where he plays Jesse Custer, a man with the power to make anyone do whatever he wants, using only his voice, and on a mission to hold God accountable. However, this take on the popular Garth Ennis creation of the same name isn’t the first time Cooper’s played a comic book character.

In fact, his first dalliance with a comic book property was when he portrayed Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger, way back in 2011. He would then go on to reprise the role in the ABC spinoff, Agent Carter for both seasons that the show was on the air.

And while Cooper has ostensibly moved on from his time in the MCU, that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about it or is unwilling to return. During a recent interview, the actor was asked about his stance on coming back into the Marvel fold, and his response was a little left field, to say the least.

I loved that character. I felt very honored to have been given that character, and I didn’t realize quite what I was entering at the time, I just loved playing him. And we got the spin-off TV show with him as well, and I hope there is a way that he exists again sometime in the future. He’s fun. His son would be quite an interesting character to take on.

The biggest takeaway here is that not only is Cooper willing to return as the patriarch of House Stark, but that he’d be open to playing his character’s son, Tony, otherwise known as Iron Man. That might seem a little far-fetched, but Cooper did receive strong notices for his portrayal of the elder Stark, particularly for his channeling of Robert Downey Jr.’s performance.

How this could even transpire is anyone’s guess and the likelihood of it coming to fruition is slim. But then again, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe we’re talking about and anything can happen, so perhaps audiences will get to see Cooper suit up as the new Iron Man sometime soon. It’d certainly be an interesting route to head down.