Dominic West To Star Opposite Elisabeth Moss In Art Drama The Square


He’s straddled The Wire over at HBO and indulged in Showtime’s The Affair – a role that even nabbed him a Golden Globe nomination to boot – but now, Deadline is reporting that Dominic West has inked a deal to join Ruben Östlund art drama The Square.

There, West will star opposite Elisabeth Moss (The West Wing) as a budding artist out to engineer an exhibit that exudes positivity. Enlisting the help of a high-profile PR team, that plan soon back-fires rather dramatically, sparking an uproar among the art community.

Deadline outlines Östlund’s feature as so: “An artist exhibiting an installation in a public square designed to promote altruism where only good things can happen. The manager of the museum hosting the installation hires a PR firm to build buzz around the exhibit. The PR team goes too far, however, and sparks uproar with its plans.”

The Square will stand as the Swede’s English-speaking debut, following up on such efforts as 2014 black comedy Force Majeure. Dominic West, meanwhile, will next be seen reprising his role in Showtime’s The Affair when season 3 lands on November 20.

Source: Deadline

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