Child’s Play Co-Creator Don Mancini Throws Shade At MGM’s Remake


Chucky co-creator Don Mancini really isn’t buying into the whole ‘Child’s Play remake’ going on at MGM, eh?

Horror enthusiasts were up in arms last week when it emerged that MGM and It producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith were plotting a total reimagining of the classic slasher film from ’88, one which currently has Norwegian filmmaker Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) locked in to direct.

The Powers That Be have even gone so far as to fast-track their Child’s Play remake for a September 2018 production start, leaving Mancini with just one question – why?

Why go to the trouble of rebooting a perfectly healthy horror franchise when Universal is “fully committed” to honoring the Chucky canon? Hell, there’s even a live-action TV series in the works from Don Mancini and fellow franchise veteran David Kirschner, and it seems even now, eight days after MGM’s revelation, Mancini still isn’t a fan of the whole situation, and continues to voice his disapproval of Chucky 2.0 via Twitter:

All of this is made all the more confusing when you remember that Brad Dourif, the esteemed voice actor who’s been a part of this franchise from the very beginning, won’t be involved in MGM’s remake, either.

What will it entail, exactly? Well, we know Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury) has been tasked with writing a “contemporary reboot” of the Chucky canon. That means the modern day Child’s Play will reportedly involve a “group of kids and a technologically-advanced doll that enters their world.”

So, like Stranger Things, only with a wicked Devil Doll instead of the Shadow Monster? Whatever the case, filming is due to begin in Vancouver this September. Just don’t expect Don Mancini or David Kirschner to give their blessing anytime soon…