Don Mancini Details Andy Barclay’s Involvement In Cult Of Chucky


Those of you out there who happen to be fans of the Child’s Play film franchise will likely agree with me in saying that aside from Brad Dourif’s legendary performance as the voice of everyone’s favorite Good Guy, the first movie may not have worked as well had they not found a child actor to ably pull of the role of Andy Barclay.

Luckily, Alex Vincent stepped up to the plate, making his character believable and capping it off with a one-liner that would make even the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Bond proud. And, most fortunate for enduring lovers of the series, Vincent has since returned to reprise the role in a surprising post-credits scene in Curse of Chucky that’ll be expanded upon in the upcoming Cult of Chucky.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an adult version of Andy, but knowing that Vincent was way too young when Child’s Play 3 was released, Justin Whalin served as his grownup replacement. Still, people usually prefer original actors, so that’s what makes Vincent’s involvement here so special.

Aside from having a killer idea for a Chucky/Freddy mashup, director Don Mancini showed that he has a firm grasp on how to properly pull off adult Andy when appearing on an episode of Necronomicast:

“Andy is in this movie quite a bit, actually. I’m constantly musing, ‘What would happen if these characters collided?’… ‘What kind of PTSD would Andy Barclay be dealing with, 30 years later?’ If you imagine that this is really happening in our world, what would Andy Barclay be like? What would his life be like? Stuff like that is very interesting to me. So it’s fun to get to explore that. And put it on the screen.”

Cult of Chucky arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on October 3.