Watch: Hilarious Video Imagines Donkey Kong With Seth Rogen’s Laugh

Seth Rogen

While Seth Rogen is usually known for rom-coms or stoner-buddy comedies, he has been known to dabble in children’s movies. If you can remember, he was the voice of Pumba in Disney’s live-action The Lion King. Now it looks like he’s playing another animal in an altogether different universe: Donkey Kong.

For fans of the original arcade games, they’ll remember Donkey Kong as a big bad who, much like Bowser, wanted Princess Peach to himself. Playing as Mario, you had to jump over the barrels he threw and make it to the top to beat him. Now, the well-dressed primate makes most of his appearances in games like Smash Bros., having taken a back seat on Nintendo’s priority list since the days of Donkey Kong 64 and Tropical Freeze.

Today, though, we get to see Seth Rogen and his very specific voice and laugh take on a well-known character such as Donkey Kong. We even got somewhat of a preview when Twitter user @Cybershell, posted this edit:

While the video is funny enough to watch on loop for hours, it also could be a genuine look at what to expect from Kong and co. in the new animated Mario movie. Then again, Chris Pratt, the voice of Mario, has already expressed that he and the creative team are working on his ‘Mario voice’. Perhaps Seth Rogen is doing the same thing.

Do we want to see a Seth Rogen movie without his famous laugh though? Is this a good casting choice? Let us know!