Donnie Darko Director To Helm Corpus Christi

Richard Kelly, the director of atmospheric sci-fi film Donnie Darko, is working on a new thriller called Corpus Christi. Reportedly there are no supernatural elements in his new film, instead, it revolves around an Iraq War vet and his strange relationship with a grocer.

In somewhat of a departure for Kelly, Variety reports that his new project will have a more traditional narrative flow. It also won’t rely on supernatural or metaphysical elements, unlike many of Kelly’s past works including Donnie Darko, The Box, and Southland Tales. It’s hard to imagine a film written and produced by Kelly and Darko Entertainment partner Sean McKittrick to not bend the genres a little. Another baffling addition to the list of producers is Eli Roth (writer/director of Cabin Fever).

Set in the Texas town of Corpus Christi, Kelly’s film deals with an Iraq War veteran with some psychological issues. He begins work at a local grocery store chain and strikes up an unusual friendship with the owner.

Filming is slated for a July start, and casting is underway. More on that towards the end of March.