Don’t Expect Any Man Of Steel 2 News For A While


With the DC Extended Universe currently being in a state of repair, there are many fans – myself included – who are holding out hope that Man of Steel 2 will one day come to fruition. Yes, Superman has appeared in two team-up flicks since his last solo film flew into theaters back in 2013, but Henry Cavill is more than deserving of a proper followup.

And while it sounds like Warner Bros. are waiting to see how Aquaman and Shazam! do before deciding on what’s going to happen with Matt Reeves’ The Batman, all signs had been pointing to them being raring to go for a Superman sequel, with an official announcement said to have been imminent just a few weeks ago.

Now, however, it sounds as if things have changed. We’re not sure what happened behind the scenes, but notorious tipster DanielRPK – who has a pretty solid track record when it comes to DC scoops – says not to expect any kind of news about the pic for a while. He wouldn’t give a timeline for when the studio may open up on it, but it certainly doesn’t sound like it’ll be taking flight anytime soon.

And though that’s no doubt disappointing to hear, it is, at the very least, understandable. I mean, WB’s already got their hands very full with the aforementioned films and though Henry Cavill seems set to reprise the role given that both he and Warner Bros. are eager for his contract to be extended, the project just doesn’t appear to be a priority for them at the moment.

In regards to where the character will appear next then, well, Shazam! seems like a certainty (even though that remains unconfirmed), but beyond that, we really don’t know. We certainly hope that Man of Steel 2 happens, though, as many saw Zack Snyder’s 2013 pic as Superman’s equivalent of Batman Begins, and lamented the fact that he’s yet to get his own counterpart to The Dark Knight, as it were.

Having countless comic books to act as source material and one of the deepest rogues galleries around, there’s no shortage of possibilities as to what another sequel could bring and with any luck, we’ll see one materialize sooner rather than later.