Doug Ellin Posts New Entourage Set Photos


June 12th, 2015 is still a long ways away, but someone is obviously very excited about the upcoming Entourage movie. That someone is Doug Ellin, who created the original HBO show and is now writing and directing the feature-film version. Despite there still being 15 months until his baby hits theatres, Ellin has been posting frequent updates to his Instagram account, showing off the various cast members hanging around on set.

For those who don’t follow him, or don’t use Instagram, we’ve collected some of the photos and posted them below. While they mostly feature the principal actors (Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrera, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven), we also get a good look at several of the guest stars that Ellin has managed to rope into the film. From Garey Busey to Bob Saget and Mark Wahlberg to Piers Morgan, there will be a ton of celebrity cameos here and despite already hearing about a whole handful of them, apparently there’s a lot more that have been kept secret.

For diehard Entourage fans like myself, this movie has been a long time coming and I’m thrilled to see that it’s finally in production. It wasn’t easy to get the project off the ground, and Ellin and co. faced many setbacks, but everything seems to be rolling along smoothly now and I cannot wait to see the return of some of my favorite television characters of all-time.

Check out Doug Ellin’s set photos below and let us know what you’re expecting from the Entourage movie.