12 New/Recent Movies Arrived On Streaming And VOD This Weekend


Three of the very few beneficiaries of the Coronavirus pandemic have been the multitude of streaming services available, drive-in theaters and the VOD market. With millions of people still unable to head down to their local multiplex – not that there’s even much in the way of new releases to be found as the domino effect continues, mind you – staying at home has provided a much more lucrative revenue stream for the industry than ever before.

Viewing figures across all major streaming platforms have risen exponentially over the last six months, the drive-in experience was the only thing that stopped the box office from reaching absolute zero over the summer, and numerous big titles were released straight to digital as the studios rethought their entire business model in an attempt to try and turn a profit during a time when the vast majority of cinemas were left gathering dust.

Each weekend brings another batch of titles to streaming and VOD, and while none of this week’s releases can come close to matching the success of Netflix’s Enola Holmes, which is shaping up to become one of the platform’s biggest original movies ever, there’s still plenty of variety to be found that covers action, comedy, horror and much more.

See below for the full list of this week’s releases and where to find them:

  • Enola Holmes – Netflix
  • Ava – Digital
  • Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation – Digital
  • Misbehavior – Digital
  • Iceland is Best – Digital
  • The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals – Disney Plus
  • Fandango at the Wall – HBO
  • LX 2048 – Digital
  • Red, White and Wasted – Digital
  • Rabbit – Shudder
  • Judy – Hulu and Amazon Prime
  • The Addams Family – Hulu and Amazon Prime

This week’s new digital and VOD releases are an eclectic bunch as always, featuring Jessica Chastain headlining brutal action movie Ava, Renee Zellweger’s acclaimed performance as Judy Garland in a glossy biopic, the underrated animated reboot of The Addams Family, a documentary on redneck culture and the latest instantly forgettable Disney Plus original that nobody will ever mention again after this weekend.

But tell us, which of these titles will you be checking out? As always, you can let us know down below.