Dr. Strange Movie Confirmed, Black Panther In Development

Fans have asked for it and Marvel is delivering! That’s right, in an interview with District, Stan Lee confirmed that a Dr. Strange movie is happening, and he hinted at quite a few other projects, namely a film for the Black Panther.

Both characters have been rumored in to have films in development for some time, but nothing had been confirmed until Lee’s recent quote.

Check it out below:

“Oh they are all being made into movies! I can tell you there will definitely be a Dr. Strange movie! They are working on Antman,  which requires really small cameras! Black Panther is being developed, one of my favorites…the Inhumans…All the heroes will eventually be made into movies.”

That is excellent news for fans who have been anxiously awaiting news for both of these characters. Remember though, just because Lee says they’re happening doesn’t mean we’ll see or hear anything else in the imminent future. Marvel’s slate is full through 2015, so neither of these films will arrive until at least Phase 3 in 2016, unless Marvel decides to alter their current production schedule.

Lee also shed light on his executive producing duties for these movies, saying that he hardly does anything at all.

“I have very little control. I don’t see the script, occasionally I will have lunch with the director or a star, like the guy making Antman,I don’t remember his name- I don’t remember names, or Robert Downey Jr., for Ironman and we talk about the characters. But all I do for the movies are the cameos really. Then when the movie comes out I am excited to see it just like all of you. I’m seeing it for the first time.”

Are you excited for the Dr. Strange movie? What about Black Panther? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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